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Sieranevada comunication materials portfolio

Sieranevada communications materials

Sieranevada, Cristi Puiu's most recent movie, premiered at Festival de Cannes and enjoyed an international campaign, both in Romania and abroad. We supported the Mandragora team with a large range of communications materials, from posters and print ads, event materials, OOH and online to press kits and presentations for partners.

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Welcome to Sieranevada!

Sieranevada was selected in the Palme d'Or official competition at Festival de Cannes 2016 and was Romania's entry for the best foreign language movie at the Oscars. The movie was invited to more than 170 international festivals and events and won more than 25 awards – from the Best Feature and Best director at the Chicago International Film Festival to no less than six Gopo Awards at home.

Sieranevada movie poster

Sieranevada is not a special world, it's as real and as common as it gets. The poster, in my view, is an extension of the thought, not an illustration of the movie, although most of the movies are promoted using this kind of posters.

Cristi Puiu, Movie Director

Campaign d'auteur

We worked closely with Cristi Puiu and Mandragora for shaping the entire communication package of the movie. Cristi's meticulosity and directorial mastery was translated into the identity of Sieranevada (including the logo and the key visuals), and all the communications materials.

Print ads, outdoor and indoor, press kit, etc. contributed to creating a unitary and distinctive look – simple, clean, personal, intriguing.

Sieranevada personalized Tshirt
Sieranevada branded buses in Bucharest
Sieranevada bus branding layout
Sieranevada movie ad in Los Angeles Times

For the international promotional campaign, we used different visuals – such as this print ad from LA Times –, according to distributors' advice.

“Of the several excellent filmmakers to emerge from the Romanian New Wave, Cristi Puiu ranks as the most formidable” (The Film Stage). The Mandragora team's press conference at Cannes was highly praised by journalists and film critics.

Sieranevada movie at Cannes Festival

Sieranevada collectible edition

Released in a limited edition of 979 copies, Sieranevada collectible edition includes the Blu-ray movie and an interview book in Romanian, English and French with Cristi Puiu' different handwritten excerpts from the screenplay, which makes each copy unique. The book also contains 32 photos taken by Cristi Puiu in Bucharest right after the shootings were over, in January 2016. We were very excited to be part of this project and proud when it was selected in “The most beautiful books in Romania” competition.

Sieranevada movie collectible edition
Sieranevada interview book inluded in Most beautiful book Competition

One special photo exhibition

The spirit of the movie continues to be present for the audience long after the movie itself is no longer in the cinemas or in the news. A Sieranevada photo exhibition was organized in Cluj in the summer of 2017 and has been included in various art events across the country since then. The photos were selected from thousands of pictures taken by Cristi Puiu when searching for the poster image and were taken in familiar places from Bucharest. The exquisite photos, carefully prepared by our art director, turned into haunting works of art.

Sieranevada inspired photoexhibition, Cluj 2017
Cristi Puiu's Sieranevada photoexhibition in CLuj 2017


Sieranevada movie maker's team at Cannes Festival
Sieranevada the interview book
Sieranevada book launch
Sieranevada by Cristi Puiu, an awarded movie
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.