Mega customer magazine became the flagship communication project of the company

Mega customer magazine

Mega is a well-known customer magazine in Romania published by Mega Image, the biggest supermarket chain in the country. From a product-centered catalogue to a content-driven customer magazine, we constantly improved the publication over a period of four years, turning it into a reference point for the entire retail publishing field in Romania.

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Making the customer your success partner

In the spring of 2013, Mega Image decided to change its thematic product price-focused catalogue and to come with a fresh design. We took a step further and proposed a completely new approach, a 48-page monthly catalogue with substantial editorial inserts. The client wanted to have a category on focus for each edition: beer, ice cream, bio and special diet products, Romanian brands, wine, etc. The concept included opening articles and section introductions, as well as small interesting product descriptions, boxes with complementary information and recipes especially produced for Mega with major chefs in Romania. All that made the 250,000 copies publication with nationwide circulation an instant success.

Unleash your imagination!

In 2014, Mega Image team asked for a new concept of the publication, based on colors and themes of interest for the readers. Each edition had in focus one color or a mix of two colors and a theme reflecting the main shopping opportunities of the moment.

For example, in February, Mega was centered on the idea of love and the main color was red. The choice of products included chocolates and gourmet products, sparkling wine, gifts, etc. Red products in these categories (red fruits, red packaging) were favored in the layout or red graphic elements were used to support the chromatic unity of the publication. The recipes section featured red dishes: strawberry soup, red tuna, duck breast, chocolate and raspberry dessert. The travel destination (a country and national cuisine represented in Mega Image) was one easily associated with passion: Mexico. The cover featured a recipe prepared for Mega by chef Joseph Hadad or chef Nicolai Tand.

More content, more fun

2015 was a further step in the evolution of Mega towards a customer magazine, more content-driven and with more visual and editorial hooks for the reader. Each issue would reach the supermarkets in the last Thursday of each month and cover topics related to the following month. We proposed a clear magazine structure for the publication, with a 12 page Dossier centered on a seasonal theme. The summary displayed at the bottom of the page the calendar for the respective month and important dates were linked to the materials featured in the magazine.

For example, the July issue was dedicated to “Holidays with style”. The 14th of July was linked to the culinary destination (French Riviera), 24th of July, when Nescafe was launched in 1938, was linked to the article referring to cold coffee drinks, and the Dossier overall brought to attention international food products from Mega Image associated with the most popular holidays destinations for Romanians. We also changed the cover treatment, using top view photos of the recipes.

Mega Gusturi Romanesti photoshooting

In order to supportGusturi romanesti, Mega Image private label developed with local partners, we made in the magazine a series of reportages in various farms, factories, wineries, etc., accompanied by chef Nicolai Tand, writing articles and interviews with the actual producers, bringing to the readers real people and stories.

A flagship communication project of Mega Image

In 2016, we continued to create relevant quality content for the customers. As part of the Ahold-Delhaize group, Mega Image had to aim for higher standards regarding customer communication.

A flatplan example

The Mega Image message “Inspiration for your home’s heart” was supported throughout the magazine by interesting feature articles, interviews, restaurant reviews, brand stories and exciting food pictorials.
Our passionate work for each edition of the magazine, from initial editorial meetings, strategic talks with the buyers and flat plans to thorough research, articles, photo sessions and layouts was fully rewarded as Mega became one of the flagship projects of the company, reaching about 500,000 readers from all over the country every month.

Mega marks an important moment to this day on the local retail market, setting a higher standard, in line with the European customer magazines tradition.


Mega photoshooting with Vlad Chiran
Gusturi romanesti photoshooting
Mega photoshooting with Chef Haddad
Mega photoshooting withChef Nicolai Tand
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.