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Branded products from Kredenz portfoliu in Viscri village.

Kredenz identity platform

Romanian entrepreneurship is in full bloom. There are many local businesses that can now have a global audience and grow by reaching foreign markets. As such, a strong and well-defined identity that represents the brand in accordance with its positioning and the values it promotes is particularly important in order to stand out from the crowd. We were glad to contribute to the birth of a brand whose values we share: responsibility to traditions and to the people next to us who do well what they do.

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Culinary curators bringing together carefully chosen rural producers and urban customers

From our first meeting, we were seduced by the business model presented by the two partners, Cristi and Stefan. They knew well the Saxon villages from southern Transylvania and the local producers who prepared authentic food products for them and their families for generations, using recipes little known outside this region. Their idea was to organize these small local producers and farmers in a strong network and to support them all year round to reach a wider audience than that of the usual tourists visiting their villages for a few weeks in the summer and winter – specifically, urban people. Through e-commerce, home and office delivery, and presence at local and international events, the start-up aimed to create a viable alternative to standardized food products for people who value natural, authentic products, and also want to encourage fair trade and the local communities preserve their rich and diverse culinary traditions. Saxon family recipes from Transylvania, long-forgotten tastes, mix of ingredients or cooking techniques were discovered by Cristi and Stefan, revived, presented to an appreciative audience and turned into a lucrative business for hundreds of people.

Viscri, the village where Kredenz is located
Kredenz botteling line for juices
Local kitchen for preparing the ingredients for the Kredenz products

Brand identity inspired by rich, unique local traditions

The Transylvanian Saxons are people of German ethnicity who were settled in Transylvania (Siebenbürgen in German, a name referring to the seven most significant fortified towns in the region) in waves, starting from the mid-12th century until mid-19th century. Their story and traditions gave us the ingredients to create the brand identity – name, logo, chromatic scheme, typography, visuals, elements of verbal identity –, by extracting and reinterpreting relevant symbols and concepts from the history, crafts and culture of the area.

Kredenz defines the style in which many of the pieces of furniture we find in traditional Saxon households in Siebenbürgen were made – wood carved, hand painted cabinets, buffets, wall shelves, chests, tables and chairs. The name Kredenz immediately indicates the main geographical placement of the products, while its sonority inspires stability, durability, determination, and the belief that good things take time and patience to be done.

Many of the traditional Saxon households in southern Transylvania still have a kredenz, a buffet displaying tens of jars with delicious home-made jams and canned vegetables, and also accommodating the kitchenware. Not only the name, but also the logo graphical treatment is inspired by the crafts in the area; specifically, the decorative door hinges used for doors and various pieces of furniture in Siebenbürgen.

Image of a real saxon wood cabinet that isnpired the creation of the Kredenz logo
Kredenz logo derived from the traditional saxon wood cabinet
Kredenz business card layout
Kredenz saussage packaging simmulation
Kredenz jam packaging simmulation

The label sells the product, but also sells emotion

We designed the label series by product category, starting with defining color codes for each category, in order to make it easy for the customer to identify the products on the shelf or on the website: red for preserved vegetable spreads, purple for jams and comfitures, black for bulk products, etc. Short texts on the labels remind people of how a grandmother or someone from the Transylvanian countryside would speak, which gives personality and warmth to the brand.

Short creative story for honey label
Short creative story for syrup label
Short creative story for jam label
Short creative story for tea label
Short creative story for compote label
Short creative story for chilly label
Short creative story for sausage label
Short creative story for cheese label
Short creative story for bacon label
Jam label on a pot with short story about the product
Branded jam jars with labels containing short stories
Branded zacusca jars with labels containing short stories
Syrup bottles with branded labels containing short stories

By the book

Consistency may seem a luxury for a new brand developed by young entrepreneurs, but with Kredenz things were done by the book. The brand book covered the essentials for this stage, and lots of attention was focused on the copywriting guidelines, as an important part of the brand personality comes from the short text inserts treated as familiar conversation fragments. It is as if the client and the producer are engaged in a light conversation about the way the jam, sauce or zacusca is used in local recipes, how yummy it is, about the ingredients or sweet memories from the childhood. The products are sold to a Romanian and international clientele via the e-shop

Kredenz chromatic pallette
Kredenz imagery
Kredenz typography
Kredenz stamp of origin
Kredenz website layout caption


Kredenz syrup at Brussel event
Kredenz products at Brussel event
Kredenz home made meat products at Brussel event
Kredenz product baskets at Brussel event
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.