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Cronicile curs de guvernare quarterly magazine covers from 2019

Cronicile magazine

At the end of 2018, the illiberal winds, rise of populism, fake news and post-truth narratives inflamed Romanians and made them get more involved than ever in discussions about the world we live in and the major principles that the EU that we have adhered to has been built on. How do we reach the level of prosperity and wellbeing of the Western European countries? How do we close the gap between Romania and the rest of Europe within our lifetime? This was the background when Cronicile magazine was published.

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The magazine hosts a well-informed and uninhibited conversation on matters of general interest, helping its readers to understand better the most relevant topics of the moment, related to economy, finance, politics, geopolitics, technology or international issues. Cristian Grosu, a highly reputable journalist and the editor-in-chief of the magazine, has a dream: Cronicile begins, from issue no. 100, to count down to issue no.1 – for a quarterly magazine, this is a 25-year journey! –, accompanying its readers on the road to full European integration and country transformation into a thriving democracy. When the readers will close the issue no.1, they will live in a very different Romania, a country which we only dream of today. A poetic endeavour, by no means, but it’s worth working for it!

Cronicile Curs de Guvernare magazine, opening spread section Chestiunea
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare magazine, spread Chestiunea
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare magazine, spread Anno Domini 2019 in Chestiunea section
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare magazine, spread with graphics in Chestiunea section


Publicator was deeply involved in the building of the editorial concept, structure and general publishing direction. This content-driven premium magazine spreads over 200 pages and includes several types of articles, from news, statistics, financial analysis or long features containing infographics, pies and charts to revealing interviews with high profile guests.

Cronicile Curs de Guvernare, flatplan that shows the entire structure

The magazine has 10 sections, marked out by a distinct layout, with full spread photos taken by famous photographers capturing memorable moments or complementing the ideas stated in the opening texts of each section. The quality of content is ensured by a top-notch editorial team (including an exceptional panel of contributors), by reader relevant selection of topics, and meticulous design.

Cronicile Curs de Guvernare sample opening section 2019, Chestiunea
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare 2019 spread Chestiunea photojournalism
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare 2019 spread graphics and infographics
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare 2019 spread opinions
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare 2019 spread section Other views
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare 2019 spread section Chestiunea foreign politics
Alexandra Pele, Journalist and Editorial coordinator at Cronicile Curs de Guvernare

Publicator gave our magazine the face it was always meant to have. We appreciate their creative minds, as well as their hard and meticulous work. There is no other agency around that could have done what Publicator did and continues to do for our product.

Alexandra Pele, Editorial coordinator, Cronicile Curs de Guvernare


Cronicile magazine in Innmedio shop Bucharest
Cronicile Curs de Guvernare launch event Bucharest 2019
Publicator's team at the Cronicile Curs de Guvernare magazine's launch event in Bucharest 2019
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.