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Baneasa Shopping City, Bucharest

Baneasa identity project

Started in 2002 in the northern part of the Romanian capital, Baneasa district consists of a residential area, a business & technology park, and the largest commercial area in south-eastern Europe. This huge project has touched along the years the lives of millions of people – customers, suppliers, partners, companies and employees, members of the residential community – and changed in a short period of time the entire northern area of the city.

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Creating the identity for the largest urban project in Romania

We assisted the developers in creating the brand architecture and identity of this unprecedented urban development project. We started by setting the brand idea, the mission, vision, values, positioning statement, brand pyramid, tone of voice and the key messages Baneasa was to communicate in the following years.

An initial set of identity elements had been created by the British company Small Backroom in the first stages of the project. When it started off, we developed the identity for each of the three divisions of the project: Baneasa Residential, Baneasa Business & Technology Park and Baneasa Commercial Area. We did the same for each of the four business entities under the umbrella-company: Baneasa Investments, Baneasa Developments, Baneasa Residential, Baneasa Business & Technology Park.

Identity elements for Baneasa Investments, Baneasa Developments, Baneasa Residential, Baneasa Business & Technology Park
Identity elements for Baneasa Investments, Baneasa Developments, Baneasa Residential, Baneasa Business & Technology Park

The brand idea

Growth is a natural process in all aspects of life, whether it is the life of a person or the life of a city. After years of stagnation, Bucharest was experiencing unequalled growth in all areas. This resulted in natural growth of the need for better quality housing, shopping and offices. Baneasa project was the answer to this need for growth in Bucharest.

The logo

The logo consists of two elements: the logo mark (the leaves forming an ascendant volute suggesting dynamic evolution) and the name “baneasa” written in small letters.

The logo mark presents a succession of 12 different-sized leaves, in four tones of green, which creates the impression of dynamism and growth. The basic level of decoding the logo mark is that the 12 leaves represent the 12 months and the four shades of green represent the four seasons. The logo mark also sends subtler messages regarding time (the spiral that looks like a clock) and space (as the longest darkest leaf indicates north, like a compass). Indeed, Baneasa is an urban development built to stay, which contributed a lot to turning north into a magnet for all the people of Bucharest.

Baneasa logo

The city grows for you

We created the slogan “The city grows for you” in order to communicate that Baneasa was an urban development project designed to have great positive impact on each person living in Bucharest. It linked the personal achievements of the inhabitants with the development of the city, which generated a feeling of belonging to a community that shared the same values and aspirations. The slogan sent a positive, empowering and motivating message – that a prosperous city brings prosperity to all its inhabitants.

Baneasa Business & Technology Park print ad
The first office spaces Baneasa Business & Technology Park print ad

Nowadays Baneasa is familiar to everybody in the Romanian capital and has become part of the city. However, back then, when there was nothing but field between the northern part of the city and Henri Coanda airport, this new urban project was perceived as being located outside the city, close to the end of the world.

The message “The city grows for you” had the role to help people change their perspective, understand that Bucharest is expanding and that Baneasa project is part of this new, larger Bucharest. The slogan sums up what Baneasa was about – an answer to people’s and city’s need for growth.

Now and then

“The city grows for you” proved to be a strong message, quickly embraced by the people of Bucharest. In 2017, all three areas of the urban development are fully functional and very successful.

  • The 450,000 sq. m. commercial platform is the largest in southeastern Europe. It comprises retailers such as IKEA, Carrefour, Metro, BricoDepot and Mobexpert, plus the “crown jewel” Baneasa Shopping Center, with 364 shops and more than 80 million visits in almost 10 years since its launching.

  • Baneasa Residential developed an exquisite residential area close to Baneasa forest, which includes 227 apartments in state-of-the-art buildings.

  • Baneasa Business & Technology Park covers 28,000 sq. m. It comprises two stand-alone office buildings hosting 65 local and international companies, 800 parking places, show rooms, etc.

Baneasa Shopping City Mall, now
Baneasa Shopping City print ad, then

From renderings, outdoor and print ad campaigns to real life shopping center, we went a long way.

Baneasa residential area, now
Baneasa residential area print ad, now

Working for promoting the largest real estate project in Romania and seeing it materializing along the years was an incredible feeling.

Consistent identity

The general identity of Baneasa overall project required specific solutions for each of its three divisions (Baneasa Residential, Baneasa Business & Technology Park, Baneasa Commercial Area) and four business entities (Baneasa Investments, Baneasa Developments, Baneasa Residential and Baneasa Business & Technology Park).

For all these we elaborated logos derived from the general logo. We set the way to implement the specific identity elements in stationery, company literature, signage system and environmental branding. At the same time, we recommended the way Baneasa should communicate its new materials to third parties.

Finally, we conceived a comprehensive brand book explaining the values, the brand idea, the graphical platform (color range, characters, images), the verbal identity rules (tone of voice, standard texts), and the applications to the graphical elements across communication materials.

Communication materials

For the following years, we have developed hundreds of communication materials for Baneasa, from print and outdoor campaigns to brochures for each division, on-site materials, stands and presentation kits for local and international fairs such as MAPIC.

Starting from the logo and primary identity, an entire system can be developed in order to bring life to a public space. Baneasa Shopping City (the premiere fashion, shopping and entertainment destination in Bucharest, part of the Baneasa Commercial platform) is, as shown below, a good example in this sense.

Baneasa corporate website layout
Baneasa communication kit for local and international fairs
Baneasa Shopping City opening, branding, indoors
Baneasa Shopping City opening, branding, atrium
Baneasa Shopping City opening, branding, signage
Baneasa Shopping City opening, branding, stairs
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.