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B1 TV rebranding

A one-year long project, the rebranding of B1 TV was a strategic investment of the station, intended to clarify its positioning on the media market and to offer a powerful foundation to build on in the following years. The project comprised a thorough brand audit and creation of the visual and verbal corporate and brand identity, creation of the onscreen identity, the communication materials, and also the re-launching campaign. Each stage was accompanied by internal presentations and training sessions with the B1 TV team, so that the whole process was understood and supported in the first place from inside the company.

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Branding starts from within

B1 is a national generalist TV station known for its equidistant position, offering programs for various categories of audiences. It presents different, even opposing aspects and views on life, enriching the everyday experience of the viewers.

Our work started with an extensive audit. Tens of employees from all hierarchical levels answered to a questionnaire, tens of business partners and audience representatives contributed to gathering valuable information so that we could have an overview of the internal and external brand perceptions and define the business vision and objectives of B1. Based on these, we proposed its positioning, mission and values.

The new identity of the television station was built on the concept of “being surprising”. The brand aims to offer an honest, assumed, relaxed image of reality. B1 is friendly, human and warm, creative, curious, fascinated by the spectacle of the world, full of energy, courageous. The station content – based on contrasts, presenting different perspectives and lifestyles – also supported this direction.

From defining the mission, vision, values or the brand pyramid to setting the applications of the new identity (stationery, press ads, livery, promotional materials, on-screen brand manifestations), the brand book is an everyday tool for the B1 team and the partner communication agencies.

B1 TV brandbook guide line
B1 TV brandbook mission and vision
B1 TV brandbook visual and verbal identity

Same world, different perspective

We articulated the new identity starting with an urban logo and a vivid palette of colors appealing to our active target (fresh green, warm grey and white). The new slogan (“same world, different perspective”) transmits in a clear and simple way the essence of the brand. B1 offers an uncut picture of the world, as its fascination resides in its diversity – so what makes the difference is how you look at it.

B1 TV rebranding of the logo
B1 TV slogan rebranding
B1 TV print colors rebranding
B1 TV rebranding of the font
B1 TV rebranding of the onscreen colors
B1 TV rebranding of the onscreen logo

Fresh and versatile on-screen ID

The on-screen communication package for B1 was meant to provide a coherent and modern look, easy to use and adjust each season by those working with it on a regular basis within the company.

Onscreen communication package for B1 news

We developed the general communication concept
that was afterwards applied to station IDs, backgrounds, bumpers etc. and produced several materials such as station promos, scrolls, generics, various graphics.

Onscreen communication package for B1 weather
Onscreen communication package for B1 break
Onscreen communication package for B1 advertising
Onscreen communication package for B1 movie premiere

Communication aligned with the new strategy and identity

We applied this new identity in corporate stationery and the external communication of the brand by making templates and various executions for press ads, outdoor, web banners, and developing a promo campaign for the new B1 and its programs in print.

Gradually, programs and shows, as well as the news anchor presenters and stars of the station were promoted in line with the new strategy of the station, both in terms of identity and communication message.

The last stage of the project consisted in designing the brand identity book, launching the B1 TV site, as well as rebranding the television station office in Calea Victoriei. Also, rebranding continued inside the company, people being an important vector for any service brand. The stars and all those working in B1 are the ones who give life day by day – through their decisions, attitude and effort – to the B1 brand.

B1 TV poster after rebranding sample 1
B1 TV poster after rebranding sample 2
B1 TV online identity
B1 TV office branding outdoors
B1 TV office branding indoors
B1 TV car branding

Project outcome

The outcome of the rebranding process of B1 was welcomed both by the audience and the professionals in the national marketing and communication industries.
The positioning of B1 was clear for all B1 employees and for the audience. The rebranding was supported by the channel’s program content that adjusted to the new strategy of the television station, both in terms of format and communication message. The management launched new original formats, brought more good quality movies and series, promoted young presenters, got involved in series production. News Corp, partner of B1, appreciated the efforts made by the Romanian management to refresh the image and the message of the station.

Along this project, we co-operated with BrandFusion for the audit, Camil Tulcan from Rasterpoint for the on-screen identity, Studio 88 for the sound identity and Peggy Production for production.

Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.