Client portfolio: Maitreya Events

Dakini festival organized by Maitreya Events in 2017

Maitreya Events

Maitreya Events is specialized in organizing events and concerts. The company is the initiator of Dakini, an annual 5 days and nights festival on the Black Sea coast dedicated to the spiritual community in Romania and Europe. Alongside the Embassy of India in Bucharest, Maitreya Events manages, a platform dedicated to Romanian yoga aspirants, practitioners and teachers. As such, it has held numerous events, including the International Yoga Day in Bucharest.

Projects for this client:

Dakini Festival media kit for Maitreya Events
Dakini festival by night organized by Maitreya Events in 2017
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.