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Dakini festival 2017

Dakini festival identity

Dakini is the premiere spiritual event in Romania, which had its first edition in the summer of 2017. This international festival brings together chill, psy-trance and micro-house music, dance, over 100 DJs, famous speakers and artists, workshops, the largest “yoga village” in this part of Europe and thousands of people from all over the world who value freedom, diversity, tolerance, connection, magic, elevation and harmony.

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Event branding starts with the good old “mission, vision, values”

The agency and the organizers of this new festival started to build the scaffolding of the identity with the basics – positioning, mission, vision, values and key messages.


To create a memorable event on the Black Sea Coast that brings together people who actively pursue a life of spiritual elevation through music, dance and yoga. Dakini aims to inspire active people from Europe and around the world connect in an environment that celebrates life, nature, freedom, tolerance and creativity, and elevate through better understanding of the world, the self, the nature and the relation between them.


To become the premiere spiritual event in Romania, a catalyst that inspires our community, is internationally recognized and financially sustainable. Located on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, Dakini will become a year after year destination where everybody feels free and open to share quality mind-expanding experiences that contribute to peace within and in the world.

Dakini final logo

Primary identity

The name of the festival was a given. Dakini is a Tibetan Buddhist priestess of dance who acts as a muse for spiritual practice, not really known to the general audience – that’s why the slogan clearly indicates dance as the manifestation of spiritual effervescence.

“We are sky dancers” states that we are all members of the same tribe (in Sanskrit “Dakini” literally means “sky dancer”) ‐ that you, as participant, are part of a community that shares similar values ¯ and also that the Dakini experience has a higher purpose, helping you to expand your horizons.

The logo is inspired by a mandala, a prodigious pattern that expresses the propensity of self. The construction of a mandala relies on repetition, as through meditation you enter a state of “oneness”. For our logo mark we chose a floral mandala with summery elements ‐ the colors remind of sun and sea, which gives a hint about the location of the festival, on the Black Sea Coast.


For the name mark we chose a “not perfect” character, which contains small-intended inaccuracies (the full stop on “i” is neither round or square, but in between, and the “a” and “k” have small scratches). These “accidents” give personality to the character, making it more human. Thus, the way the name is written supports the idea that human beings are not perfect, but their imperfections make them unique.

Another characteristic of this character is that it combines tradition and digital, it’s like today’s handwriting.

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Dakini logo typography details

Chromatic psychedelic effects

The colors of the logo are blue, orange and red (a basic representation of the sea, sun and life). In communication we also use the white monochrome logo on blue background.

As the spiritual trend has its roots in the '60s, we have created color combinations with psychedelic effect ‐ using in various proportions colors from the opposite parts of the spectrum, such as orange on light blue, blue on magenta, etc. This chromatic contrast can create a disturbing effect for the eye, that we call “psychedelic”.

Dakini logo on fuchsia Tshirt
Dakini logo on red Tshirt
Dakini logo on orange Tshirt
Dakini logo on green Tshirt
Dakini logo on yellow Tshirt
Dakini logo on blue Tshirt

Get inspired!

The 5 days and 4 nights festival was a success at its 2017 edition. Thousands of people from Romania, Hungary, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, etc. came on the Black Sea Coast to celebrate together inspired by the spirit of Dakini.

Dakini festival 2017 in Tuzla
Dakini Festival free spirited people
Dakini Festival attendees
Julianna Csillag, Dakini Co-founder

Our collaboration with Publicator was very efficient and highly professional. Publicator team is supportive, creative and has given us the best solutions and proposals for all our needs. Your success is guaranteed if you have Publicator as your partner!

Julianna Csillag, Dakini Co‐founder


Dakini poster
Dakini festival 2018 ticket sale
Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.