Staff Only, the Raifeisen Bank Romania employee magazine

Staff Only employee magazine

Staff Only is probably the longest-standing internal magazine in Romania. For 10 years, this has been the main internal communication tool for the Raiffeisen Bank team in Bucharest and 450 branches all over the country. But that’s not all: the core editorial team remained unchanged during all this time, both from the client and the agency side! That’s amore!

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Having an internal magazine is a great tool to build a team

We started the project back in 2008, when Raiffeisen decided to develop a magazine that would be more than a source of corporate information and financial news for its people. The goal was to create a lively communication vehicle that promotes team spirit and encourages people to share both professional and non-professional relevant topics.

An open concept

The initial concept of the magazine (as, during these 10 years, the concept has been adjusted several times) was designed to support the bank’s slogan, “We succeed together”, and the “team” idea.

One of the issues that the client wanted to solve was that people from various departments didn’t have a comprehensive picture of the many activities of the company, of their colleagues’ projects and sometimes even of the complexity of the projects they were part of.

So, we proposed the magazine would be seen as the meeting place of a community – the Raiffeisen team –, and we built it having in mind the structure of a city.

The initial three sections of the magazine (opening, middle and final) were named to suggest different types of places, with specific functions: Access Zone, Business Zone and U Zone.

The name “Staff Only” suggests an exclusive employee community that enjoys access to firsthand professional information and highlights its horizontal editorial approach – the magazine supports the company’s general strategy, but the topics are decided by an editorial team, and many of the articles are written by employees themselves. Of course, we edit the articles.

Staff Only in 2012, issue number 20

A challenge often met when developing an internal magazine is to make it convincing for the readers – the employees. In other words, not to be perceived as soft propaganda or a dry, boring, corporate material prepared by top management. So, we’ve made a magazine that combines relevant content (offering people features that broaden their perspective on up-to-date topics from within the company and the banking industry) with tidy, imaginative, reader-friendly design.

We illustrated aspects specific to the industry by using a variety of graphic elements. For the Finance pages of the Business Zone we initially created a layout inspired by the main international financial publications – a pink-salmon background with illustrated financial charts and portraits of the authors. More recently, we include in the layouts graphic elements specific to social media.

Regular updates

Along the years, we’ve made several upgrades to the magazine.
In 2013, for example, after Raiffeisen launched RStyle, a program promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle among the employees, the last section of the magazine was re-designed in order to match the topics and the spirit of RStyle.

Flatplan example to illustrate the architecture of the magazine

The 36-page magazine had initially a frequency of six issues annually, but in the recent years it was limited to four issues. It continues to reach all the employees in the HQ and all the branches.

The cover policy has changed along the years. We used to stage theme photo sessions, illustrating certain values or ideas that were developed further within the main articles. Lately, we’ve been using illustrations with a futuristic touch, in line with the bank’s interest in digitalization and “bank of the future” frame.

The cover policy has changed along the years

We used to stage theme photo sessions, illustrating certain values or ideas that were developed further within the main articles. Then, we used illustrations with a futuristic touch, in line with the bank’s interest in digitalization and “bank of the future” frame. Lately, we linked the cover treatment with visual elements related to the on-going image campaigns of the bank.

Carmen Dimitruc, Communication and Public Relations Raiffeisen Bank

Through thick and thin, economic growth or crisis, Staff Only remains, probably, the longest-standing corporate internal magazine on the Romanian market. An important (and awarded) communication and employer-branding vehicle, loved by its readers and surprising to external stakeholders, it represents the essence of Raiffeisen Bank's internal universe. Its look and content are a best practice for corporation-publishing agency cooperation.

Carmen Dimitruc, Internal Communications & Social Media Coordinator, Raiffeisen Bank

Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.