Online internal newsletter TeamWorks as seen on a computer, created for Piraeus Bank in Romania

TeamWorks internal online newsletter

Started at the end of 2015 and continuing till today, TeamWorks is a 10 page monthly electronic newsletter received by all the employees of Piraeus Bank Romania. An innovatory approach related to this project is that we put in place an internal news hub, an editorial board consisting of bank employees who contribute with ideas or articles to the newsletter.

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Communication in the time of Grexit

In 2015, following the Greek debt crisis and fearing Greece’s potential exit from the Eurozone (“Grexit”), Piraeus Bank Romania clients became increasingly nervous, putting a tremendous pressure on its team. An employee survey conducted in PBR revealed serious trust issues across the organization and that internal communication needed significant, fast improvement. The Board decided to put in place a long-term communication program in order to restore employees’ trust and motivation.

The news hub ‐ let employees feel part of the project!

Our agency proposal was to build a communication platform under the message “The true value is you” and develop several projects and initiatives, starting with the building of a newsroom similar to the editorial board of a newspaper. We felt that people needed to take a more active part in the life of the company, to have direct access to the Board members, understand better the efforts and activities of the Bank in the existing delicate context, and also decide which topics are of interest for the entire company to be communicated via a monthly newsletter to which they could contribute ‐ by coming up with ideas and information from their departments or by writing articles, with our support.

Despite the initial reticence, the news hub became soon a very dynamic entity and helped gathering a pool of relevant information and news (texts, photos, studies, etc.) that were used in each edition of the newsletter. The news hub meets on a regular basis, once a month, to discuss the latest projects and activities, opinion trends, banking topics of interest, etc.

National coverage, one point of contact

TeamWorks comprises a mix of information covering a large range of company activities: significant events, the latest products and services developed for clients and how these projects were managed internally, information from various departments and branches, professional topics explained by company experts, interviews with members of the management who can thus present strategies, objectives and results, or with people who have accomplished something notable, news on employee programs, volunteering and CSR initiatives, useful tips for spending the free time, articles written about colleagues with unexpected hobbies, etc. The newsletter speaks about the company desire to grow and become more active on the Romanian market (especially now, after the Bank was bought by J.C. Flowers & Co, an American investment fund), and about its team. For the 1,300 employees of the Bank, TeamWorks is a valuable communication tool that keeps everybody connected, provides trustworthy information on a regular basis and boosts their energies.

TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, front cover from 2016
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, News section
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, Spotlight section
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, Expert section
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, Focus main section
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, Focus main section another sample
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, Interview section
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania,  Personal development section
TeamWorks, Piraeus Bank Romania, back cover section with short mondain news, travel destinations and the list of the team involved in the project

Outcome of the project

We have succeeded to put into practice the news hub, igniting the desire of the employees to contribute directly to their internal newsletter. In the first year, we led the editorial meetings, organized trainings and worked closely with the client. Now we edit and proofread all the materials, write some of the articles, take care of the graphic aspect, and make a great team with Monica and Veronica, the editor-coordinator of the newsletter. Although initially the HR department, the project generator, intended to hire a specialist from outside the company to fill in the coordinator position, after a few month it was clear that there are talents within the department who can learn how to coordinate the publication and also write.

The newsletter is sent by e-mail, as an interactive PDF with hyperlinks, and archived on the intranet. A soft keeps track of the number of people who open the newsletter and provides valuable information regarding the readers’ preferences for a topic or another. A new employee survey conducted in 2018 showed dramatic improvement as regards employees’ trust and engagement, the number of people saying they are satisfied with internal communication being double in comparison with the number in the survey prior to starting TeamWorks.

Veronica Gheorghiu, Senior HR Development Officer at Piraeus Bank Romania

Publicator is about continuous support from a creative and people-oriented team, capable to show the positive side of each challenge you're facing in communication towards organization.

Veronica Gheorghiu, Senior HR Development Officer, Piraeus Bank Romania

Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.