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Omniasig VIG internal communication

Internal campaigns are great to support a branding or rebranding process, to communicate certain values and attitudes or to promote internal business goals. Omniasig' internal communication needs are focused mainly on the understanding of the company strategy within the team and on the people's engagement in implementing the strategy in their day to day activity.

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Inspiring umbrella concept for internal campaigns and materials

We gathered together under one generous umbrella the main campaigns and communication materials designed for the Omniasig employees. The AIR concept states that insurance is like air – vital. The 2018 Omniasig annual report and the internal campaigns developed subsequently in 2019 applied this concept in specific ways. The graphic approach – wide spaces not covered with text or images, airy tints of blue and pink, images related to air/wind (blown-out sails, boats moving forward) – is implemented throughout all the materials related to the internal campaign.

Omniasig Annual report, concept statement

Effective ways to promote the company strategy within the organization

Establishing a strategy is essential for any company, but it is equally important to make sure that all the employees understand it and commit to achieve the expected results. The presentation of the strategic objectives of the company has to be done in an accessible way, so that it would be easy to follow by all the employees. As the Omniasig strategy is designed as a working tool and distributed exclusively online, we have developed a functional layout, easy to consult periodically by the employees. Specific elements of electronic presentations make it very user-friendly – such as active links or the readers’ possibility to click and go directly to the chapters they want. Meant as a working tool, the information is clearly rendered, without distracting elements, so that employees can effectively use it and organize their daily activity in order to achieve the strategic objectives

Omniasig company strategy brocgure, 2019, online, front cover
Omniasig company strategy brochure, 2019, online, foreword
Omniasig company strategy brochure, 2019, online, inside page sample
Omniasig company strategy brochure, 2019, online, section divider sample

In order to increase awareness on the company strategy among employees, internal promotional materials were displayed in the company headquarters.

Omniasig strategy communication poster, inside the headquarter in Bucharest

Internal contests, a great way to make employees part of the game

Internal contests are a constructive way to involve the employees in the company’s actions, to increase their sense of belonging and to feel valued by the organization. One of the contests initiated by the company was related to a mobile application created for Omniasig customers in order to provide them access to the main Omniasig services directly on the mobile phone. The employees were asked to contribute with ideas for developing "the best insurance app" on local market. The contest had its own identity (name, logo) and was communicated through various e-banners, posters, mobile phone-shaped panels, etc.

Omniasig online vizual for internal mobile application contest for employees
Omniasig poster vizual for the mobile application contest for employees
Omniasig pannel made for the mobile application contest for employees
Iulia Tanase, Head of Internal Communication Department, General Secretariat, OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group

Our collaboration with Publicator team started in 2018 and will definitely continue in 2020. They are very professional and creative, and I am particularly pleased with their quick response time to our requirements.

Iulia Tanase, Head of Internal Communication Department, General Secretariat, OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group

Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.