Newsweek romania printed edition's cover in 2018

Newsweek Romania covers

A half year long project supporting the launching of Newsweek Romania in 2018, this was an opportunity for us to work closely with one of the best team of journalists in Romania, for a legendary international title. Our part consisted in offering art direction and publishing consultancy for the magazine covers.

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Welcoming the local edition of the famous US title Newsweek

The American weekly title was established in 1933. In 2012 it shortly discontinued the print edition, but after being acquired by IBT Media in 2013, Newsweek returned to a print edition in 2014. It currently publishes print editions in several languages, besides the English-language international edition.

The Romanian edition, launched in the spring of 2018, has both a print and an online version. The 64-page weekly print edition covers a wide range of subjects, from politics and in-depth local and international analysis to technology and culture, through interviews, features and investigations. 60-70% of the content is local, while 30-40% is provided by Newsweek exclusively for Romania.

The team that has brought Newsweek to Romania is made up of Sabin Orcan, a former editorial director of Romania Libera, Razvan Chiruta, the former chief editor of the newspaper, and other well-reputed journalists.

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Cover policy specifics

Newsweek is a magazine with an impressive history, that has promoted quality journalism for more than eight decades. Its cover policy has certain particularities, that our art director tried to translate to the Romanian edition.

As the magazine shows relevant topics that impact people’s everyday lives such as politics, laws, social issues, business, technology, they need to be displayed on the cover. Also, the magazine is published weekly, so the cover has a poster-like role, announcing something new, relevant and exciting every week. Newsweek is recognized for its continuous search for the truth, for its investigative approach, values and responsibility: all these messages should be supported by the editorial and graphic choices the team makes for each cover. On top of these aspects to consider there are also some limitations: the technical quality of the pictures, for example, which forces the art director to come up with visual effects, illustrations or other graphic solutions.

Each week is different, so each cover is different – while keeping the consistency Newsweek is known for, as regards its values and type of reader. The Newsweek reader is intelligent, well-informed, so the cover appeals to the intellect and does not provide conclusion and it’s never plainly descriptive. We must intrigue the reader – so the art director and the author of the cover story have more brainstorming sessions and come up with approaches that spark curiosity and increase interest.

Newsweek has a strong focus on investigation and op-eds. The journalists bring something fresh to the Romanian media landscape, a consistent knowledge as regards complex issues combined with an approach that make the articles easy to understand by the reader. The documented version of local or international events are presented in a professional, but also individual way – you recognize the voices and opinions of the journalists who bring the Newsweek spirit to the Romanian audience.

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Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.