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Aperta is a B2B work platform for professionals in the field of office supplies and stationery developed by Scribant Distribution, part of Austral group. As in this industry differentiation is crucial, the platform is meant to simplify working with resellers and providing them fresh and useful information. We created the entire identity for the platform, from the name Aperta to the logo, colour scheme, characters, graphic elements, and developed further three editions of the yearly catalogue and various print materials.

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Naming and visual identity

Within Austral Group, Scribant covers two main areas of activity: the import and distribution to resellers. Hundreds of products, from writing instruments and desk accessories to packaging and labeling products, school supplies, cleaning products and gifts are part of their offer. In order to simplify the way resellers get their information and to communicate more effectively the benefits of the products, Scribant wanted to create a professional, friendly and easy to relate to communication platform, including an extensive catalogue and an easy to navigate website.

We created the name Aperta having this context and requirements in mind. In Latin, Aperta means “open, clear” and conveys the idea that Scribant communication platform is accessible and open to all, transparent and reliable. The word implies that the huge amount of information we deal with is well organized and airy, that products are communicated clearly, and the layout is sleek. It also means that, starting from the platform, people can interact – it's a space that opens up many opportunities for collaboration. The platform can also be used by end buyers. They can choose the products they are interested in using the platform and order them via authorized Aperta resellers. Also, Aperta is a pleasant sounding word (starts and ends with vowel “a”) and memorable.

The logo resembles a bookmark and also a pen cap.

Logo Aperta

Development and implementation of annual catalogues

Each year, Scribant publishes an extensive printed catalogue for the resellers. The +180 page catalogue displays most of the products that need to be promoted, accompanied by useful information for professionals. The dominant color of the catalogue is the Pantone color of the respective year, which supports the idea of fresh approach, in sync with the trends and customers’ expectations.

Aperta office supply catalogue layout

We made three editions of the printed catalogue in 2013, 2014 and 2015-2016. A challenge was to establish the detailed structure of the catalogue, setting the information levels by sections, chapters and sub-chapters and organizing hundreds of products in a easy to navigate way. Each section had an opening spread with short informative articles and explanations on how to use the products, about cool gadgets and newest trends in stationery and office supplies industry.

Calin Nistor, Scribant Distribution

Overall, we are delighted by the way our Aperta catalogues and Übers materials came out. Great (art)work! We wish you all the best in everything you do!

Călin Nistor, Scribant Distribution

Looking back

The core team of Publicator, Diana Moldovan (Capatina) and Iulian Puiu, started under the name Reply in 2002.
In 2015, the team changed the name Reply into Publicator and continued the business as usual.